STUDIO ONLINE  - international workspaces  



As part of our STUDIO teatrgaleria virtual workspaces project, we have invited renowned artists from around the world to work with us – those who have shaped contemporary thinking about theatre. At first, we are working with:
Rimini Protokoll (Germany), Rabih Mroué (Lebanon), Toshiki Okada/chelfitsch (Japan). 

Our international workshops are part of our STUDIO activities, wishing to invest in the development of theatrical languages during the time of pandemic and quarantine, seeking alternative ways of communicating with audiences. Hence, while we are unable to stage works in front of live audiences, studio_online becomes a symbolic space for artists to create virtual “workspaces”, in the belief that in this way we are following in the footsteps of those who named our theatre after Stanisław Ignacy “Witkacy” Witkiewicz.

Initiator and head of the project: Anna Lewanowicz


Rimini Protokoll is the best known German collective, celebrating 20 years of existence in 2020. Its founders Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel focus their work on constantly developing theatrical tools, facilitating the presentation of reality from unexpected perspectives. They create interventions, performative installations and audio plays, as well as documentary shows involving ordinary people, who co-create the performance scripts and then appear on stage, relating their personal life experiences. 

Rimini Protokoll translate social spaces and arrangements into theatrical formats. 
Many of their works are characterised by innovative use of interactive technologies. 

 It is high time, after 3000 years of existing in a format where one group of people work to delight a second group by performing a range of actions, that theatre began to present things which are interesting, rather than just showing off skills. For it to busy itself with processes which have real influence on our society.” Rimini Protokoll

Over the years, the collective has taken its projects to many festivals and theatres all over the world; in Poland this includes Malta Festival, Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences and Nowy Teatr in Warsaw.
Having received numerous awards, it is the recipient of the European Theatre Award, Silver Lion - La Biennale di Venezia. 


If I were where you are”  is an online workshop led by Daniel Wetzel. 

The aim of the workshops is to use current affairs and events of the day in performative experiments. 

In a project they have been developing for a couple of months, the format involves conferences in which speakers are replaced by members of the audience, who follow their briefing how to perform their presentation on their behalf. The emphatic interest in the variety of viewpoints and biographic perspectives on our times in the foremost cases of their more than 100 projects is the starting point for this online workshop. 

Whatever rules and regulations are imposed upon us in May – we will certainly be expected to stay in our homes, limiting our contact with people who are not in our immediate circle of family and friends. Hence our wish to experiment with conversations and presentations involving people who are “furthest” from us – in all senses of this word. 
If you had to leave your own bubble and reach out to somebody else on this planet – whom would you choose to speak with? A beehive farmer in Nigeria? An emergency nurse in LA? A Guru in Kerala or else a ballet dancer in Kazakhstan? And why them indeed? At present, globally we’re all much more radically in our own bubbles than is usually the case. 

This workshop aims to explore the potential of a performative parliament of the separated bubbles. What means will you use to represent this person then – and your experiences with the encounter? Let’s create our performative version of the Globe and of the “now” we’ll be in. Let’s enjoy the basic potential of theatre and performance – sharing space and time in reflections which configure our experiences.


DATES: 22, 26, 29 May, 2 June 2020 6.00 pm Warsaw time



  • artists with different activity profiles (playwrights, theatre directors, visual artists, actors, dramaturges etc.) as well as people from other fields of activity interested in participatory art (urbanists, architects, activists, anthropologists, researchers etc.)

  • a group of participants will be selected to take part in the workshops, as well as a separate group which will be able to observe the whole process. Please select the desired group in your application. 

  • from all parts of the world

LANGUAGE: English 

PRICE: There is no charge for taking part in the workshops.

NOTE: The workshops will be recorded and close with a public show of selected fragments from these recordings. 

Organizer: STUDIO teatrgaleria www.teatrstudio.pl