SEASON 2022/2023



Our premieres for the upcoming months include varied stories about opportunities and dangers. We want to comment on the reality in an uneasy time, but not just stop at that. Together, we will look for the answers to questions asked in the vigilant process of exploring reality. Identify threats and talk about opportunities. We will test them out on stage and in the gallery space, and we will also discuss them with you. Our basis to do that is our mission of a cultural institution open to different sensibilities of its audiences.

The first premiere to which we want to invite you is “Jadłonomia Island” by the Podstawny, Kowalkowska, Czaplinski collective – a story about how important healthy, organic food is, not only for our bodies but also for our planet. The play inspired by a series of popular cookbooks by Marta Dymek revitalizes the formula of family theatre, it is fun, painfully relevant and it conveys cognitive values for audience members of almost any age.

“The Employees” based on Olga Ravn’s novel will be a cosmic journey with the community colonised by bureaucracy and anti-human management, in search of the essence of humanity. On board of the spaceship, misunderstandings between human and non-human (humanoid) beings grow, and the initial utopian harmony is broken by the conflict within the crew. It is not only an intriguing, multimedia production by Łukasz Twarkowski, a director who debuts in Warsaw but who has received numerous awards in Lithuania (“Lokis”, “Respublika”) and Latvia (“Rothko”), but also another way for the audience to participate in a theatrical event.

“Empuzjon” is an adaptation of the latest novel by Nobel prize winner Olga Tokarczuk, raising the issue on which we, as a society, still have a lot of work to do: dealing with stereotypes concerning masculinity and femininity. Tokarczuk wrote a paraphrase of Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”, cleverly showing how the patriarchal discourse of modernism collapses under its own weight. It is a co-production of Studio and Teatr Slaski in Katowice, directed by Robert Talarczyk.

The last premiere of the season, “The Snow Queen” directed by Natalia Korczakowska, a musical spectacle featuring Maria Peszek and Jan Peszek will check if the tyranny of the politicised technology that heats up our heads and freezes hearts will cool down under the influence of fun and empathy. The musical production inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale will discuss the effects of the colonisation of the brain by new means of communication and unbridled creation of artificial worlds. “The Snow Queen” is created in coproduction with the International Theatre Festival Divine Comedy and Teatr Łaznia Nowa in Cracow.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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