Edward Krasiński “Intervention, 1978, own technique, 70 x 50 cm

The Galeria Studio Collection includes two works by Edward Krasiński, Intervention from 1978, and another three-dimensional composition of the same title from 1981.

Edward Krasiński (1925–2004) was an outstanding artist, author of installations and conceptual works that involve time, performativity and wit. In the 1970s blue scotch tape became their key feature and a symbolic signature of artist. The blue line was placed at the height of 130 centimeters on the walls of galleries or museums, on furniture and other objects at his studio, and also on other works by the artist. It seemed to possibly extend infinitely.

Such a conceptual and performative approach to images has characterized Krasiński’s work since the 1960s. He created reliefs and spatial objects—lightweight, made of wood and wire, and also painted. Sometimes he succeeded in placing them in the outdoor spaces such as parks or gardens. One particular occasion for such actions were the plein–air artistic meetings organized throughout the 1960s in Poland. When hung amongst nature these objects looked as if they were moving by themselves. “Spears hanging on wires stretched from tree to tree created the illusion of movement. They flew!” the artist said about his work. This approach to an artwork’s image being animated by the viewer’s gaze, forcing her (or him) to move in her (or his) own space, has an antecedent in the work of Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro. Edward Krasiński expanded the possibilities of avant-garde art developing them in a very unique direction.

The two Interventions from the Collection of Galeria Studio make up part of the much larger group of works Krasiński produced during the period of the 1970s and 1980s. They present possible transformations and connections of the concepts of movement, space and interactivity.

Dorota Jarecka

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