Edward Krasiński “Intervention, 1978, own technique, 70 x 50 cm

Galeria Studio collection includes two works by Edward Krasiński, Intervention from 1978, and a work of the same title from 1981. Looking at the work in the gallery’s storage it seems incomplete, it can only really be seen on the wall, but a wall is also not enough, you need more space, an entire room, maybe a building, or even a city. The blue line can potentially stretch indefinitely, but always at the height of 130 centimetres.

Such a conceptual and performative approach to images has characterised the work of Krasiński since the 1960s. He hung his spatial objects—lightweight, made of wood and wire, but also painted—in the space of a garden. They look as if they are moving by themselves. “Spears hanging on wires stretched from tree to tree created the illusion of movement. They flew!…” the artist said about his work. This approach to an image which is animated by the viewer’s gaze, forcing him (and her) to move in his (and her) own space, has an antecedent in the work Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro. Edward Krasiński (1925-2004) expanded the possibilities of avant-garde art in his own unique ironic esprit.

Dorota Jarecka

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