Marek Konieczny, “Throw Something Here”, 1969-1970, installation, paper, metal, photographs

The history of the Galeria Studio and associated artists of the Polish neo-avant-garde of the 1970s and 80s is an ongoing subject of research for us. We try to place specific artistic events in the context of the history of the gallery itself, or the art of the time.

As the inventory shows, Throw Something Here by Marek Konieczny entered the gallery collection in 1978, six months after the artist’s exhibition here. It is an artifact left over from an artistic action that Konieczny carried out in Warsaw in 1969. He went to the Różycki bazaar with a bag made of gold paper bearing the title inscription, encouraging passersby to take part.

We can recreate this action based on two photographs that are part of the work and also in our collection.

What is striking in the photographs is the contrast between the shiny golden bag and the everyday life of the typically gray city. The essence of the artistic action was the moment when a random person threw just this “something” into the bag. The artist wanted his actions to leave no traces and be fully ephemeral. Galeria Studio collection contains this de facto tool from the activity.

Paulina Olszewska

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