Wojciech Fangor ”M 50”, acrylic on canvas, 1970

The Galeria Studio collection includes a pair of twin paintings by Wojciech Fangor from 1970. One of them, visible here, depicts a phosphorescent green circle on a dark pink background. The other (titled M 45) is a mirror image of this composition and shows an unidentified flying object in pink on a green background.

What attracts our attention is the softening of the contours through emanating intermediary bands shifting between green and pink.Green and pink are complementary colors. Mixed together they would produce a grey.

These paintings were made during the period the artist lived in the USA, after he emigrated from Poland. In 1970 he had a solo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 1999 he returned to his native country.

The earliest and the latest works of Wojciech Fangor (1922–2015) were related to spatial design. In 1958, together with Stanisław Zamecznik, he created the exhibition “Study of Space,” and in 2007 he designed the interiors of the second line of the Warsaw subway which still hold his indelible signature.

The painting from our collection is almost interactive. It demands an active, dynamic response. The viewer moves closer and further away, trying to capture impossible: the very movement inside the sun’s spectrum.

Dorota Jarecka

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