I Will Try To Tell You, But It Won't Go Well

co-production: Komuna Warszawa

dir. Anna Karasińska



I Will Try To Tell You, But It Won’t Go Well

I was invited to make a performance about war as part of a war-themed cycle. War is in Poland a well-worn, exhausted subject, yet in some ways it is also virgin territory. Such a multitude of war stories have been told that we no longer listen or turn them into moralizing kitsch, as befits the ideology currently in vogue. In my work I deal with experience. In dealing with the subject of war, I wish to explore the ways in which war, which happened here almost a century ago, continues to be present, continues to shape our experience of the world and of ourselves – and how can we share and process this experience?

Production: Komuna Warszawa. The performance was created as part of the Komuna Warszawa series Before War / War / After War



Anna Karasińska


Sara Goworowska

Karolina Harris

Dobromir Dymecki / Anna Karasińska

Bożna Wydrowska


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