Exhibition authors: Barbara Gryka, Agata Rucińska, Igor Sekuła




The idea of the exhibition was to grasp the Studio Gallery collection using various artistic mediums: video, sound, performance. At the outset the paintings and sculptures found in the gallery storages seemed to us distant and deprived of any material qualities. During the process of preparing the show they acquired weight and texture. Our idea was to activate and transform them. Works by Robert Reilly, Gloria Kisch, Alfred Lenica, Jan Berdyszak and Hellmut Bruch were especially attractive for us due to their transparency, mobility and three-dimensionality. In our multimedia installation we evoke their spectral existence by giving them new life and time-based dimension. The installation is accompanied by comments and notes that account for our work on the show, constituting its interactive archive. Additionally, real objects from Studio Gallery collection will appear and disappear as temporary interventions in the show. Thus the collection is in motion and the motion is part of the collection.

Barbara Gryka, Agata Rucińska, Igor Sekuła – authors

7-26 March 2017, interventions: Henryk Stażewski, Ewa Partum, Tomasz Tatarczyk, Teresa Murak.

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