Galeria Studio

Butterfly Resistance: Haiti

Opening: 15 May, 6pm
Exhibition: 15 May – 21 July 2024


Curators: Katarzyna Prokesz & Maria Prokesz


The exhibition will be open Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-7pm.


Spirituality present in several aspects of Haitian social life – religion, collectivity, political engagement or contact with nature – is the central theme of the exhibition. Providing the Polish audience with a context and a more familiar point of view, the exhibition showcases works by contemporary Polish artists alongside Haitian works, as well as pieces from the Galeria Studio collection. They illustrate similar phenomena present in this culture without referring directly to Haiti; illustrating, for instance, the themes of dance, ritual and the power of collective action, we present works strongly associated with religion, in particular Haitian vodou, as well as a more secular perspective of traditional Polish folk dances.

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