The Mission


STUDIO theatregallery is an art studio, a place of creative exploration conducted by artists from various domains of art. Reaching for its avant-garde tradition, with Witkacy as its patron, Studio is a space of free expression, in which various disciplines merge: theatre, visual arts, music, film, dance. In line with the idea of the author of the Pure Form theory, creators invited to collaborate can conduct here their aesthetic experiments. Studio creates a PLACE in which you can reimagine the reality, because you want to change it. For us, the point of departure is the question about the future of artistic theatre in Poland and in Europe, and specifically, how it can defend its position in the current social, economic and political situation.


Studio is an open and democratic place. We practice freedom in the choice of topics and means of expression, what we care about is the concept, not the convention; partnership, and not limelight-seeking. No one is privileged here, everyone must adhere to the same work ethics.  A STUDIO actor is an artist whose role in the performance goes beyond being just a piece of the production.


Visual arts play a significant role in STUDIO. We want to co-create current art scene, give it the opportunity to expand its scope of activity, to be a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences. Studio Gallery with the unique Studio Collection is now the largest municipal space for the presentation of contemporary art which creates the opportunity for art education, partnerships with large public institutions, NGOs, and various artists.


The STUDIO mission is a broadly understood culture-forming activity, as well as educational one: we want to promote contemporary art in all its varieties and genres. We execute our mission through the presentation of plays, our own and guest events from the contemporary repertoire, created also as special commissions for STUDIO. The execution of the mission is supervised by a team of competent, ambitious, professional employees and collaborators, with the contribution of public art institutions, both at the state and local government level, as well as non-governmental organisations. STUDIO builds a network of like-minded institutions, opens itself up to partnership and dialogue.


All undertaken activities are transparent, and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law, and in keeping with the highest standards of governance and application of the best practices.




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