Aria di potenza

World premiere 30 September 2022 21:00

An open-air opera happening directed by Krystian Lada and with the costumes designed by Gosia Baczyńska

Happening operowy

Artwork: Ernesto Artillo

Aria di potenza

An open-air opera happening directed by Krystian Lada and combined with a presentation of Gosia Baczyńska’s fashion collection on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her artistic work. On the stage next to the first lady of the Polish opera Małgorzata Walewska, the American baritone singer Lucia Lucas and the French male soprano Théo Imart will perform for the first time in Poland.

The outdoors happening ARIA DI POTENZA directed by Krystian Lada is an unconventional synthesis of opera, fashion and politics. Personalities from the world of international opera, led by Małgorzata Walewska, will present original interpretations of speeches from the contemporary political scenes – from the White House to the Wiejska Street and the Kremlin. Political rhetorics will be juxtaposed with the spectacular arias from the popular opera repertoire.

The originator of the project Krystian Lada, a Polish director with international success, invited a renowned Polish designer Gosia Baczyńska to collaborate on this project. Her expressive operatic fashion creations will shine at the foot of Warsaw’s trademark – the Palace of Culture and Science. Rafał Ryterski, a composer who was recently nominated for Polityka’s Passport (Poland’s acclaimed cultural award) is the author of the electro-acoustic composition for this event.

An aria is a moment in which the singer draws the attention fully to him/herself and is able to arouse the emotions of the audience and manipulate them. Just like every day, politicians do so in their speeches to win our sympathy or to discourage us from their opponents. The fascination with the mechanisms of political rhetoric and the operatic dimension of events on the contemporary political scene were the starting point for the director Krystian Lady to create this unique project. The fashion designer Gosia Baczyńska celebrates the 25th anniversary of her international artistic work with this event. Next to the first lady of the Polish opera by Małgorzata Walewska, the cast of this project includes the American baritone Lucia Lucas, who successfully performs at the MET in New York and Covent Garden in London, and the French soprano Théo Imart, gifted with a spectacular voice. The producer of the event is Teatr Studio in cooperation with the Kunstfest Weimar. The event will be presented in Poland only once. The number of tickets is limited. The next performances will take place at the European festivals.

Next shows:
2. September 2022 in Weimar at Kunstfest Weimar
15 – 16 November 2022 in the International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) in the theatre program of International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

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30.08.22 / 21:00

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1 Defilad Sq / Palace of Culture nad Science


02.09.22 / 20:00

Weimar: in Weimar at Kunstfest Weimar


15.11.22 / 20:00

Amsterdam: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam


16.11.22 / 20:00

Amsterdam: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

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concept, direction and set design

Krystian Lada


Gosia Baczyńska

light direction and stage design

Aleksandr Prowaliński

live electronics

Rafał Ryterski


Lucia Lucas (baritone)

Małgorzata Walewska (mezzo-soprano)

William Kelley (pianist)

Théo Imart (soprano)

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