Sonic Portals: A subwoofer odyssey


photo by Nellie de Boer

Sonic Portals: A subwoofer odyssey

In Sonic Portals, its creator – Ciro Goudsmit –  combines his research on low-frequency oscillators, with (afro) futuristic thinking: A possibility to curve “reality” and create alternative ones,  where colonialization didn’t happen. Inspired by musicians such as Sun-Ra, Lee scratch perry, Gabber Modus Operandi, Drexciya, and a place called space. With a group of intergalactic beings, they create a landscape of sound where you can feel your whole body shake. Using movement research, subwoofers, bass shakers, vocoders, and DYI instruments as elements to open different portals hidden in between the waves. Not in the need for another utopia but in the need for different options.

The performance created by Ciro Goudsmit and his team is a continuation of the STUDIO theatregallery’s trend in which young artists combine various forms and genres of art – in this instance sound installation, dance and video – in order to search for new means of expression and explore them as the carrier of contemporary, critical reflection on the world.

Ciro Monoarfa Goudsmit is an artist who is fascinated by vibrations. Using movement research, low frequencies, voicework, bass shakers, rhythm, and body trims. Using the body as the first source of content. Finding the stories hidden in between the muscles. As mixed kidz they try to decentralize the colonized brain. Actively using Asian and African rhythms, and scales in the music they research and create.  With a love for slow faith transitions, they like to mix his interest into the performance space where club, ritual, theatre, and installation are meeting at the mixer, creating a visceral landscape mixtape.

Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge?
A conversation with Ciro Goudsmit.

CHANGE – NOW!  is an international educational programme led by the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Its aim is to develop new proposals for theatre education and practice based on democratic, subjective and collaborative principles (sometimes far from the traditional teaching model), responding to dynamic social transformations and changing conditions of work in culture, taking into account the transformations that are taking place in the post-pandemic theatre environment.
An important element of the programme is co-production of performances directed by young artists, created in collaboration with renowned Warsaw theatres, based on the synergy effect: exchange of good practices and mutual learning.

The installation is part of the project “Change-Now!” funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. The installation reflects the views of the authors only and the European Commission and the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme are not responsible for its content.

The Creators

Produced by the master of sound

Rachwill Breidel

Created by the surfer of vibrations

Ciro Monoarfa Goudsmit

Designer of the Magic Fabric

Floor van Hellmond

Advised by

Paula Montecinos Oliva, Geo Wyex, Joy Mariama Smith


The Amazing - Agnė Auželytė

The Gorgeous - Kofi Ayno Yeji Boanyah

The Majestic - La Uyi Ihassee

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